Old Records and New Rules

Prior to the start, in late 2011, of a rules-based List of Record Fish, with a dedicated volunteer to oversee the system, Noosa Yakkers kept an informal list of “record fish” going back a couple of years. This list was not based on a set of rules but simply had evolved. Faced with a choice of including these records in the new system (awkward because new claims would be required to satisfy the new set of rules whereas the old claims had no rules) or not, we decided to acknowledge those Old Records on this blog and start the new system with a clean slate. The Old Records are publicized on this blog here.

The production of a set of rules for the new system was not easy, but we stuck with it and have come up with what we believe is a fair and workable rule set which is viewable here. The most important thing, we think, is that the list be credible and to ensure that is so we need to assemble sufficient evidence for each successful claim so that any dispute of the claim can be refuted. And one more thing: the Recorder is a volunteer doing a tough job willingly and well so we reckon he's entitled to make decisions and have empowered him to do so.

The List appears directly below and it, the Old Record Fish and The Rules are also accessible on the archive sidebar on the right. Now get out there and catch fish, put in your claim and give the Recorder some work to do.

List of Eligible Species and Records

Species - Length - Date - Angler - Location

Australian Bass* - 53cm - 19Dec15 - Darren Cole (DeeCee) - Baroon Pocket Dam
Australian Bonito - 57cm - 31Oct14 - Greg Williams (Diesel) Jew Shoal
Barramundi* - 96cm - 21Sep14 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag) - Noosa River
Bream, Yellowfin - 38cm - 29Jun12 - Carlton Klerck (Carlton) - Noosa River
Bream, Rainbow Monocle - 40cm - 28Oct18 - Rodney Brook- Nth Sunshine Reef
Cobia - 160cm - 27Sep16 - Owen Gray (owen)- Teewah
Cod, Estuary - Also known as Gold Spot Rock Cod, see below for record
Cod, Gold Spot Rock Cod - 96cm - 16Jul13 - Peter Doff (Pedro) - Jew Shoal
Cod, Maori brown- 49cm - 05Jul15 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag) Sunshine Reef
Cod, Maori blue-54 cm - 20May17 - Peter Doff (Pedro)- North Sunshine Reef
Cod, Black Spot Rock - 65cm - 15May13 - Peter Doff (Pedro) - Double Island Point
Coral Trout, common - 75cm - 01Aug18 - Sean van der Walt (Animal) - Sunshine Reef
Emperor, Red - 58 cms - 22Nov15 Jon Croft (Crofty)- Double Island Point
Flathead, Dusky - 94cm - 12Dec13 - Tim Nixon (Redwood) - Noosa River
Flounder, Largetooth - 31cm - 05Sep20 - Paul Weeks (Weeksie) - Peregian - TR
Golden Perch (Yellowbelly) - 42cm - 25Apr12 - Jeff Adams (Richmond) - Lake MacDonald
Grass Emperor - 63cm - 22Nov12 - Jim Thompson (Jimbo) - Halls Reef
Great Barracuda - 136cm - 7Jan18 - Gareth Webster (Webby) - Moffats Beach
Hairtail - 124cm - 06Oct12 - Jeff Adams (Richmond) - Noosa River
Javelin, Barred - 47cm - 26Mar18 - David Tunnington (Tunny) - Noosa River
Mackerel, Grey
Mackerel, School - 86cm - 03Jan16 - Norman Dalangin (Stormin) - Little Halls Reef
Mackerel, Shark
Mackerel, Spanish - 176cm - 17Feb17 - Owen Gray (owen) - Sunshine Reef
Mackerel, Spotted - 102cm - 04Feb20 - Daniele Giannatempo (daniel) - Jew Shoal
Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) - 119cm - 19Nov19 - Ben Bischoff (Bisho)- Sunshine Reef
Mangrove Jack - 59cm - 09Sep13 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag) - Noosa River
Marlin, Black** - 173cm - 23Dec15 - Scott Davis - Sunshine Reef (ScottyD)
Mulloway - 121cm - 28Aug15 - Dave Tunnington (Tunny) - Little Halls Reef
Perch, Moses - 36cm - 22Nov15 Jon Croft (Crofty) - Double Island Point
Perch, Pearl - 47cm - 09Sep18 - Rodney Brook (Rocket) - Sunshine Reef
Saratoga - 72cm - 18Nov12 - Matt Reid (Gemini) - Lake MacDonald
Scad, Finny - 50cm - 14Aug13 - Michael Drahm (Bomber) - Doggie Beach Reef
Snapper - 83cm - 07Oct16 - Scott Paterson (Kiwi) - Jew Shoal
Snapper, Saddletail - 52cm - 07Mar20 - Jord Wiegerink (beunhaas) - Rainbow Beach - TR
Spangled Emperor - 55cm - 23Sep20 - Rob Giles (ducksguts) - Coolum -  TR
Stargazer - 35cm - 18Jan14 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag )- Noosa River
Sweetlips, Painted (Slatey Bream) - 75 cm- 29Nov15 - Andrew Pannifex(Panno) - Little Halls Reef
Sweetlips, Red throat - 3Nov18 - 48 cm - Rodney Brook - Hancock Shoal
Tailor - 68cm - 26Oct13 - David Tunnington (Tunny) - Noosa River
Tarpon - 50 cm - 12Jan13 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag) - Noosa River
Trevally, Bigeye - 56cm - 29Sep12 - Ian Tagg (Eyetag) - Noosa River
Trevally, Coachwhip - 41cm - 04Jun15 - Kev Long (Sunshiner) - Jew Shoal
Trevally, Cale Cale - 55cm - 01Jun14 - Stewart Hansen (Aussie_Stu) - Teewah
Trevally, Diamond
Trevally, Giant - 101cm - 07Dec13 - Scott McIntosh (Lazybugger)- MG Sharknets, Laguna Bay
Trevally, Golden
Tuna, Longtail - 135cm - 25Jun15 - Peter Doff (Pedro) - Little Halls Reef
Tuna, Mackerel - 84cm - 01Sep15 - Kevin Long (Sunshiner) - Laguna Bay
Tuna, Striped - 57cm - 01Mar12 - Peter Doff (Pedro) - Jew Shoal
Tuna, Yellowfin - 110cm - 07Jan20 - Jason Milne (Paddleguy) - Sunshine Reef
Tuskfish, Venus - 42cm - 12May12 - Carlton Klerck (Carlton) - Alexandria Bay Reef
Tuskfish, Purple- 37 cm - 05Jul15 - Ian Tagg (Eyetagg) - Sunshine Reef
Whiting, Sand - 42cm - 09Nov12 - Izac Van Schayk (Tiberium) - Noosa River
Yellowtail Kingfish - 115cm - 22Sep15 - Peter Doff (Pedro) - Jew Shoal
*Record submissions for Australian Bass and Barramundi will not be accepted during their closed season
** No further record submissions will be accepted for Marlin species or sailfish due to the danger to fishers and the fish themselves
#If accidentally caught, this species should immediately and carefully be returned to the water.

The Rules

The Noosa Yakkers’ Admins have agreed that the group will maintain a list of record fish captures. In discussions about maintaining this list it became clear that a set of rules about the list needed to be written and published. This document publishes the rules which are listed below (Note: Scroll down until the words "End of Rules" are encountered.) Last update: To rule (7) on 20Feb20.

(1) Recorder

One of the Admins will be appointed as the Recorder, with the duty of maintaining and publishing the List of Records in accordance with these rules. The Recorder will be the final decision-maker as to whether claims are accepted, except for claims by the Recorder himself which will be decided by the other Admins. Others may be appointed from time to time to back-up the Recorder.

(2) Eligible claimants

Only persons who have been formally welcomed into the Noosa Yakkers group in accordance with standard procedures will be eligible to lodge claims.

(3) Eligible species

Only those species included in the record list on this blog will be eligible and only the longest recorded specimen captured of each species will be published in the list. The Recorder will be the final decision-maker as to species identification relating to any claim made and may also add species to the list at his discretion.
*Record submissions for Barramundi will not be accepted during the closed season Nov 1 - Feb 1
** No further record submissions will be accepted for Marlin species and sailfish due to the danger to fishers and the fish themselves
#If accidentally caught, this species should immediately and carefully be returned to the water.

(4) Boundaries

Only fish captured inside the boundaries of the map below will be eligible.

(5) Start date

The List will start from 17 December 2011.

(6) Measurement method

Length of the fish, in centimetres, will be the only criterion on which records are established. The length will be measured from the front of the snout, beak or bill to the tip of the furthest point of the tail as shown in the image below and the accepted measurement will be to the nearest lower centimetre (i.e. no claims will be accepted for part centimetres such as xx.5cm). In order to appear on the list the claimed fish must be either the first of the species claimed or larger by at least one centimetre than the previous claim.

(7) Claim method

(a) A claim is to be supported by a digital image of the fish. Ideally, the claim should be based on a digital still image with the fish shown against a measure mat, supplemented by a ruler or tape measure in situations where the measure mat is not long enough. The image should be of sufficient resolution that the fish length can be clearly discerned and the species can be clearly identified. However, the Recorder may accept alternative measurement evidence at his discretion, and if accepted, the details of the measurement evidence will be recorded in writing and, if available, as a digital image, by the Recorder.

(b) A Noosa Yakkers Facebook Group Post (not Comment) which contains all required Record Claim information is the easiest and preferred method of initiating a Record claim. Any member who makes such a Post or becomes aware that a fish capture featured in a Post may be eligible for a Record Claim should alert any Group Admin to ensure follow up.

(c) A claim may also be submitted as an email (automatic link below) and must include the measurement image and the following information: name of claimant; a brief description of the capture and the fishing method used; the date, time and place of capture; names of any witnesses to the capture (if any) and witnesses to the measurement (if any); whether the fish was kept or released.
Click or tap here to email the Recorder Team.

(d) No fish which is less than the minimum length at which it can be legally taken in Queensland will be accepted as a valid claim. In cases where a fish claimed is larger than the maximum length at which it can be legally taken in Queensland the claimant must satisfy the Recorder that the fish was released unharmed after measurement was recorded.

(e) No fish which is mutilated at the time of measurement will be accepted as a valid claim. However, a fish which has had its throat cut may be accepted at the discretion of the Recorder, in which case the Recorder may reduce the apparent length by an amount which is judged sufficient to compensate for any extra length which may result from that mutilation.

(f) A claim must be made within 14 days after capture.

(8) Capture method

All fish for which claims are lodged must be fully captured by the claimant by line from a floating kayak (motor-powered craft not eligible) with no assistance from anyone else except that others may assist after the claimant gaffs, nets or grips the fish. The craft used must be launched from land and return to land from the capture point using paddle, pedal or wind as the means of propulsion.

End of Rules

Old Record Fish

Cobia; 120cm; 28Feb10; Ian Tagg; SR

Cod, Estuary; 82cm; 04Jul11; Peter Doff; SR; Pics and story here

Cod, Maori; 51cm; 25Aug10'; Maverick; SR. Pics and story here

Finny Scad; 50cm; 13Sept09; Brian Templeton;SR. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence.

Flathead, Dusky; 80cm; 14Apr09; Brian Templeton; NR. Pics and story here

Mackerel, Spanish; 1.49m; 17Jan10; Kev Long; LB. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence.

Mackerel, Grey; 115cm; 28Feb10; Ian Tagg; LB

Mackerel, School; 90cm; 15Apr10; LeRoux Uys; LB. Pics and story here

Mackerel, Spotted; 94cm; 12Dec09; Doug McDougall; SR. Noosa Yakkers Fishing Data

Mackerel, Tuna; 70cm; 13Jun09; Jaro Cerny; JS. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence.

Mangrove Jack; 49cm; 14/02/11; Ian Tagg; NR

Pearl perch; 42cm; 18Jun10; Kev Long; SR. Pics and story, including measurement evidence here

Slatey Bream, 70cm; 05Jun10; Jaro Cerny, JS. Pics, story and measurement evidence here

Snapper; 87cm; 18Dec10; Ian Tagg; JS. Pics here

Spangled Emperor;49cm; 02Jun10; Ian Tagg SR

Striped Sea Perch; 42cm; 20Jul09; Jim Thompson; JS. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence

Sweetlip, Grassy; 62cm; 14/08/08; Jaro Cerny; JS. Pics and story here

Sweetlip, Netted; 55cm; 27Sept09; Jaro Cerny; SR. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence

Tailor; 67cm; 03Dec11; Ian Tagg; NR. Pics and story including measurement evidence here

Trevally, Bigeye; 64cm; 15Nov11; Ian Tagg; NR. email report

Trevally, Bludger; 52cm; 06Nov11; Kev Long; JS. Pics and story herehere

Trevally, Giant; 56cm; 15Nov11; Ian Tagg; NR. email report

Tuna, Longtail; 120cm; 21May11; Ian Tagg; LB

Tuna, Striped; 54cm; 21Jan09;Jim Thompson; JS Pics and story here

Venus tuskfish; 45cm; 22May10; Ian Tagg, SR. Pics and story, incl measurement evidence here and here

Yellowtail kingfish; 66cm; 16Feb09; Kev Long; LB. Pics and story here, including measurement evidence